H+P Ingenieure Offers High-Quality Solutions in the Field of Structural Engineering

H+P Ingenieure is a high-performing, efficient company of engineering consultants offering high-quality solutions in the field of structural analysis for all areas of structural and building construction engineering. We are a reliable partner for certified checking of structural calculations, structural design, expert opinions and the supervision of licensing procedures, providing our clients with a comprehensive range of tailor-made, technically superior and competitive services:

  • Structural design: Structural calculations and execution planning
  • Checking of structural calculations as “Prüfingenieure für Baustatik” / certified experts/ test engineers for structural analysis: Independent proofing based on the four-eyes principle, certification of structural stability, monitoring the execution of construction work
  • Expert opinions: Licensing reports, claim/damage reports, construction/building inspection, court-appointed expert opinions
  • Supervision of licensing procedures: Finite element simulations, experimental investigations on structural members
  • Construction/building inspection: Concrete, steel, timber testing

From structural concrete to steel design, timber engineering, glass and lightweight construction as well as innovative composite construction methods, we provide sound and solid expertise that is also highly valued for the development of standards and guidelines. Our team includes six “Prüfingenieure für Baustatik”, i.e. certified experts/test engineers for structural analysis, for all fields of construction as well as three accredited “EBA” test experts for railway bridges. As certified experts/ test engineers for structural analysis, we systematically exploit the opportunities afforded by digitalisation, relying increasingly on digital methods.

When it comes to sustainability, we are particularly creative: In the fields of wind power, photovoltaics and biogas we are sought-after experts for the design of supporting structures for the plants and have extensive expertise in life-cycle orientated construction, timber construction and in the field of infrastructure.

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