Company History

The history of H+P Ingenieure dates back more than a quarter of a century. Founded as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen shortly before the new millennium, the company gradually expanded its business activities in the following years. Today we maintain a well-developed, nationwide network of branches and partnerships in six locations.

In 2010 H+P Ingenieure opens a branch in Düsseldorf (certified expert/ test engineer for structural analysis: Dr. Roeser). Locations in Munich, Cologne and Münster follow in the subsequent years. In 2015 the partnership with engineering consultants Spitz leads to the establishment of Hegger, Spitz + Partner (HS+P) GbR, with headquarters in Cologne and Euskirchen (certified expert/ test engineer for structural analysis: Dr. Kerkeni).

Claus Goralski joins the management board of H+P Ingenieure in 2015. The cooperation with further partner companies results in the establishment of HB+P Ingenieure GmbH, based in Darmstadt, in 2017 (certified expert/ test engineer for structural analysis: Dr. Siburg) and of Hegger, Geißler + Partner (HG+P) GbR in Pullach near Munich at the beginning of 2020 (certified expert/ test engineer for structural analysis: Dr. Goralski).

Since 2019 H+P Ingenieure optionally offers digital methods for checking of structural analysis as part of its digitalisation programme.

Wolfgang Roeser is appointed managing director in 2004. Three years later H+P Ingenieure GmbH, the official title of the company since it was renamed in 2005, moves into its business premises in Kackertstrasse near RWTH Aachen University. The company at this point employs 20 staff.

Professor Josef Hegger is appointed certified expert/ test engineer for structural analysis in 1994. Five years later he founds the engineering consultancy Hegger + Partner GbR together with Naceur Kerkeni and Rüdiger Beutel.